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Frugal Photo Friends Newsletter (Edition 1, 17 October 2017)

Just wanted to let you all know of a fun resource for creative stuff including photo related items..... In Oakland there's a place called the  East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse . There's usually a little bit of photo related sludge in a designated area, but also interspersed throughout the jumbles of  junk   treasures. On my last visit I picked up: a mostly full case (500x) of those  old airmail envelopes   a few dozen sheets of  letraset a bunch of 35mm and 4x5 negative sleeves (ca. 50-100) various laser labels a seemingly unused cable release (for conventional film cameras) a couple of old maps a roll of old Kodachrome (I know I can't develop it!)  multi-colored sheet feed paper for impact printer (dot matrix) and some other miscellany.  Box of Misc Crap in the "Camera Corner" (not really in a corner, and not all cameras) In the end it  all fit in a medium size moving box and cost about $28 out the door. There were a few 35mm SLRs