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From the Archive: Obsolete Film Data Sheet Scans - Agfa Gevaert Sheet Films ca. 1960's

AGFA - Gevaert Film Data Sheet (ca. 1960's?) I'm ashamed to admit some details of where this data sheet came from. I think it might have been in a pile of old sheet films my uncle Erik gave me 15 years or so ago. Sad thing is, since I could get modern films easily and relatively inexpensively, I think I ended up tossing out the films. I'm such an idiot! What this may be useful for is anybody who finds any of the following films in a freezer somewhere: Agfa Gevaert IP15, IP 21, IC 22, IP 24, IP 27, or IP R. The data sheet has development times for then popular developers such as Atomal, Refinal, Rodinal, Perufin S. Atomal and Rodinal are still around, I don't know anything about Perufin S, and Refinal sounds familiar. Happy developing! Agfa, sheet film, planfilm, data sheet, developing times, IP15, IP 21, IC 22, IP 24, IP 27, IP R, 4x5, 5x7, 8x10, 10x12, 13x18, 20x25, Atomal, Refinal, Rodinal, Perufin S, Pancrhomatic, Orthochromatic

From the Archive: Obsolete Film Data Sheet Scans - ORWO NP films

ORWO Neopan Film Data Sheet Long ago, in a galaxy far away- well actually it was 1987 in what was the German Democratic Republic, I began a love affair, albeit with a film. Traveling on a day visa for the first time to the GDR with my friend Christof and his sister, I paid the DM5 for a day visa and exchanged the mandatory DM20 for the local currency, Mark der DDR. Though M20 was roughly worth US$8 it was hard to spend. The stereotypes of the East Block were that of empty shops and long lines. But at least in the capital of the GDR, neither of those issues were apparent. What was apparent, was that the prices of things were drastically different. Many of the day-to-day things that consumers would want were much less expensive. I ate and drank far more than I should have. If I remember correctly, a beer at a sit down cafe on "the Alex" was M0,70 (ca. US$ 0.30) or so. I had perhaps the best ice-cream in my life from a street vendor for a few cents (and later again a

Trials and Tribulations of Tmax

Tmax (TMY-2) defect example Tmax (TMY-2) defect example- close up of backing (see the 10) and mottled pattern I bought a bunch of different emulsions about a year ago to try out in my Mamiya C-330.  I got some Fomapan in 100, 200, and 400 speeds (under Freestyle's Arista.edu label,) a pro pack of my old favorite Fuji Acros, and a propack of both T-Max 100 and 400. Just having developed a roll of the T-Max 400 I had a bit of a surprise. The good part of the surprise was the new emulsion's tonality looked great when I pulled it from the hangar. But on closer inspection I was a bit concerned. I thought I could see some modeling or splotchy pattern. I convinced myself it was because I was looking holding the lupe to a window and I must be wrong. But a quick scan on a Epson Perfection v750 scanner confirmed my fears. I figured at first I must have done something wrong - perhaps my development technique was to blame? But further examination led to a different conclus