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The Miracles of Analog Photography

I'm 50 years old at the time of writing this. I grew up with analog photography being the only option. In the mid 1980's when and where I attended Independence High School in San Jose California I had a fantastic photo teacher: Mr Bernucci. At some point he just gave me a couple of way outdated boxes of Kodak Medalist single weight photo paper. The paper expired in 1972, so obviously it was made a few years earlier. Funny thing is that this paper was likely made about when I was born. The big yellow boxes once held 500 sheets each. One box was grade 2, the other grade 3. At some point my dad Hans was looking for a photo paper box to store my grandfather Milton (Hal) Halberstadt's ashes. Al Weber was doing a memorial workshop to honor my grandfather. So I consolodated the two boxes of Medalist paper into the same box face-to-face so I could know one stack is different than the other and gave a box to my dad. My dad would set up a folding chair and put the medalist b