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Sony Suggestions: RAW File Sizes

Coming from Canon, there are a few things I miss having switched to Sony. Photography has many places in our society and culture. We use cameras to photograph travels, family, copy artwork, document the world around us. What we wish to do with these photos varies drastically. Sony has done a wonderful job making cameras with sensors that are capable of very high quality extremely large files capable of really, really large prints. A photo from my Sony A7R2 can make for a huge print of stunning quality. Thing is, we don't always need, or even want to make a tack sharp 20x30" print. I know #thestruggleisreal. But seriously, for those of us making a living with photography, the inability of shooting RAW files at reduced sizes is a big burden. As an example, I often shoot events. Most of the work is only ever going to be used on the web. Of course I never know for sure what my clients are going to use the images for. But often 12 megapixels would be fine, and 24 is overkill.

Sigma's New MC-12 adapter

*NEWSFLASH* Sigma just released a new lens adapter to supercede their MC-11. The new adapter is called the MC-12b and MC-12W and MC-12SB (B for black and W for white, SB is the Speed Booster model) The new features include: Faster AF Weather sealing on the adapter to camera end Color choices Allows users to update Sigma Art and Contemporary lenses (replaces dock) Uses more common micro-USB cable The SB is only compatible with Sony EF cameras reducing the focal length by approximately 30% (matching the magnification of the full frame lens) and adding a full stop of light All versions of the MC-12 will can be used to update Art and Contemporary lenses ending the need for a separate dock Sigma has yet to give out a release date, but rumors suggest Winter 2018 Photos to follow (Early April Fools !!!)